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Website Regulations


Good morning!

Below you will find the terms and conditions, which set out the rules for the use of the website

The site belongs to Marcova Biznes Sp. z o.o., Rozwadowska 30 Street, 03-628 Warsaw, NIP: 5242667621. You can contact us at any time by sending an e-mail to or calling 22 510 11 99.

§ 1

1. Persons using the Site, will be hereinafter referred to as the User.

2. The Publisher, within the framework of the Site, may provide services electronically to any entity that is a natural person, legal entity or organizational unit that is not a legal entity, to which a separate act grants legal capacity, who will request the Publisher to provide services electronically, or using the Site will conclude an agreement for the use of such services.

3. The Publisher shall not verify the authenticity of the personal data provided to it by the User, unless this is necessary for the proper performance of the service in question.

§ 2

1. All information contained on the Site is protected by copyright. The Publisher does not agree to distribute the information contained on the Site, without specifying its source, by placing an appropriate link leading directly to this content on the Site, with the proviso that the link should be devoid of the no follow or equivalent attribute. The use of content for commercial purposes requires each time a separate consent of the Publisher. The Publisher's placement of content on the Site does not constitute a transfer of rights to such content, or a waiver of such rights.

2. Graphics, page layout, modules, components, source codes, logos, trade names and trademarks contained on the Site are the property of their authors and licensors, and other authorized entities, and their placement on the site was made under appropriate licenses, entitling the Publisher to their commercial use, in most cases without the need to assign the author. The rules for the use of these works, is determined by each license for a particular work. By visiting the Site, third parties do not acquire any rights to these works, and in particular, no licenses, nor any author's economic rights, nor those related to the exercise of personal copyrights on behalf of the author.

3. The Publisher shall endeavor to ensure that the content presented on the Site is presented in an accurate, factual and factually correct manner. However, the information contained on the Site, does not constitute a source of official information, in particular about the current law, nor does it constitute advice, opinion, suggestion or prompting of a particular action. The use of this information, particularly for commercial purposes, by a visitor to the Site, is at the sole risk and responsibility of the person who intends to use the content of the Site. It is reserved that the content indicated on the Site, may be outdated in the context of the current state of the law, or inappropriate or insufficient when analyzing a particular factual situation or solving a particular problem. Therefore, the Publisher shall not be liable in any way for referring to or applying the information contained on the Site.

4. The contents of the Site, do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. In case of doubt, it is clarified that they constitute only an invitation to make offers.

5. The Site may contain advertising content and sponsored articles. The rules of publication of such content may be governed by separate regulations.

§ 3

1. the Publisher shall provide the following services electronically:

a. information service/blog,
b. account
c. newsletter,
d. routing.

2. Access to the Site and the aforementioned services is free of charge, unless the explicit description of the functionality indicates otherwise. In the case of chargeability of a given service or goods offered on the Site, the Publisher shall each time provide visible information about the price or the method of determining it, together with information about the cost of delivery (if applicable), and the placement of an order by the User shall consist, in particular, in a clear and unambiguous statement of placing an order with an obligation to pay.

3. Access to some of the aforementioned services may require the User to submit a statement of acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, privacy policy or consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of the relevant service.

4. The Publisher may offer other free or paid services on the Site.

5. In fulfillment of its statutory obligation, the Publisher informs that the use of services by electronic means may involve the risk of dangers arising from this form of communication, and in particular the interception of or access to the User's personal data by unauthorized persons. This may happen, in particular, when the user's device does not have appropriate and up-to-date security programs against viruses or unauthorized access by third parties, the operating system is not kept up-to-date, or the user uses services offered by untrusted providers, or opens suspicious emails that could potentially unknowingly install Trojan horse programs.

6. The Publisher provides services electronically 7 days a week 24 days a day. The Publisher reserves the right to suspend services without notice, especially for necessary maintenance, updates, etc.

§ 4

1. The Publisher shall place and make available to Users on the Site information, content and works on topics consistent with the Publisher's program line, forming a service, hereinafter referred to as the Information Service.

2. The contents of the News Service, as well as all the contents of the Site, are subject to copyright protection.

3. Publication of content in the Information Service does not constitute a declaration of waiver of any rights to the content.

4. Access to some content may be subject to payment, which the Publisher shall clearly indicate each time.
5. The Publisher shall allow users to comment on the content of the Information Service. The Publisher is not responsible for the content of these comments.

§ 5

1. the Publisher may make available to users on the Site the functionality of creating an account, hereinafter referred to as Account.

(2) The creation of an Account is voluntary. However, the Account may allow or condition access to additional content or functionality, in particular, such as:

a. speaking in comments,
b. filling out surveys,
c. subscribing to newsletters,

3. the Account is created with the help of a system / portal / technological solutions offered by the Publisher, or by external entities (e.g.: the Disqus system), which may require the User to give additional permission to the operator of this system to use this function. The terms and conditions of use of the aforementioned service are available at: disqus - terms and policies

4 The account is free of charge. In order to create it and in connection with its use, the User shall not incur any costs other than those incurred by the standard use of Internet access.

§ 6

1. The Publisher may make available to Users on the Site the functionality of receiving a newsletter, hereinafter referred to as Newsletter.

2. Use of the Newsletter function is voluntary and free of charge, but requires acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, privacy policy and submission of a statement of consent to send commercial information by electronic means.

3. The aforementioned consent, may be accompanied by additional consent to receive commercial or marketing or advertising information from third parties.
4. Subscribing to the newsletter does not give rise to a claim to receive any content, its receipt is also not associated with the acquisition of copyrights to the content contained therein.

5. The user may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Information about the possibility and method of opting out of the newsletter will be included in each message sent to the User using this functionality.

§ 7

1. The affiliate may provide Users with the functionality of determining the route to his/her headquarters or other location indicated on the Site, which may involve obtaining GPS coordinates or other geolocation data manually or automatically (depending on the device settings) provided by the User.

2. The publisher shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the route so determined, its availability or timeliness. The service provided in this way is free of charge, and may be provided using services provided by third parties (Google maps) and may require acceptance of third-party regulations, for the content of which the Publisher is not responsible.

§ 8

1. the User shall use the Site, the Account and other services on the Site in a manner consistent with applicable law, the Terms of Use and the rules of social coexistence.

2. the Publisher reserves the right, among others, to block the Account or other services, not to allow comments on the Site, delete comments when:

a. User uses the Site or Account in violation of applicable law or the Rules,
b. the name of the Account (or comment) violates the law or the personal rights of third parties, or is inconsistent with good morals, including an expression generally considered offensive, calls for racial, religious, ethnic hatred or promotes violence, or the name of the Account suggests that it is an Account used by the Publisher which may mislead users,
c. the User's behavior is a source of harm,
d. The User engages in hacking-like activities, and in particular attempts to break the security of the Website or the domain/server on which it is hosted,
e. The User places in the comments advertising content, or of a spam nature,
f. User violates copyright or other related rights or industrial property rights of the Publisher or third parties,
g. The content of the comments constitutes a violation of the so-called Netiquette described in the appendix to the Regulations.

3. The User is independently and solely responsible for infringement of the rights and interests of third parties.

§ 9

1. The use of the services referred to in these Regulations is possible when the following minimum technical requirements are met:

a. possession by the User of a terminal device having one of the following web browsers installed: Firefox 3.5 or higher version, IE 8.0 or higher version, Chrome 11.0 or higher version, Opera 10.0 or higher version, Safari 5.0 or higher version,
b. for the service intended for desktop terminal devices (PCs): no lower than Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 9.0,
c. for the service intended for iOS end devices: an iPad end device with an operating system no lower than iOS version 3.2; an iPhone 3G or higher end device with an operating system no lower than iOS version 3.2; or an iPod Touch end device with an operating system no lower than iOS version 3.2, d. for the service intended for Android type terminal devices: having an operating system version not lower than Android 2.0 version,
e. having access to the Internet.

§ 10

1. The Agreement for the use of the Account and provision of other services specified in the Regulations, and having the nature of repetitive services (e.g. newsletter), is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

2. Either Party shall be entitled to terminate the contract for the provision of services by electronic means at any time, without giving any reason. The above shall not be the source of any claim.

3. A statement of termination may be made in any form. Sufficient is, in particular, to send a statement to the e-mail address of the User or the Publisher.

4. Discontinuation or termination of agreements relating to the use of functionalities offered by third parties (in particular Disqus) shall take place in the manner and according to the rules set forth by the provider of such service. With respect to the Disqus service, these rules are described at: disqus - terms and policies

§ 11

1. Complaints concerning the provision of any services by the Publisher may be sent in paper form to the Publisher's address: 05-270 Marki, ul. Żeromskiego 32, or to its email address:

2. The Publisher shall respond to complaints within 30 days.

3. The Publisher shall not use out-of-court dispute resolution, referred to in the Act on out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes.

§ 12

1. In matters not regulated, the provisions of Polish law shall apply.

2. The Regulations in their current content shall be effective from: 1.06.2020

3. The Rules and Regulations may be amended at any time. The Publisher will notify the registered Users about the change of the Rules and Regulations. The amended content of the Rules and Regulations shall apply to contracts and events concluded or occurring after the amendment.

4. The Rules and Regulations shall be made available free of charge by the Publisher prior to the conclusion of any contract for the provision of electronic services, in a manner that allows downloading, recording and printing.

5. In fulfillment of the statutory obligation, the Publisher shall inform the consumer about the possibility of using out-of-court ways to handle complaints and assert claims. Information on this subject is available in particular at: uokik

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